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Salsa Labs Will Accelerate Product Development and Already Rapid Growth of Its Extensive Network

Scott Stouffer Selected to Lead Company in Providing Cutting-Edge Organizing Platform and Highly-Rated Support to Thousands of Nonprofit and Political Organizations:

Washington, D.C .– October 29, 2012 - stouffer_s_01.jpgSalsa Labs, Inc. (Salsa), creator of the online and fully, integrated platform for nonprofit fundraising, communications, advocacy and organizing announced today Scott Stouffer, who has been serving on Salsa’s board since 2011, has been appointed as chief executive officer, effective October 16, 2012. Chris Lundberg, co-founder and former CEO, remains on the board of directors, providing strategic guidance to the organization.

“Salsa has experienced rapid growth, which brings with it the usual challenges you would expect, and we needed a new set of skills in the senior management team to ensure we continued to meet our clients’ needs,” said Nathan Richardson, board member of Salsa.

Salsa’s network has grown to serve more than 2,000 client organizations with 75 million supporters and a partner community of more than 125 strategy, development and services firms. The Salsa team has also grown to nearly 70 employees with offices in DC, Austin and Northern Virginia, as well as remote employees across the nation. While Salsa has released a new platform interfacePeer-to-Peer fundraising and new local advocacy data, among other things in 2012, there are many more new features and platform upgrades on the product roadmap for 2013.

Nathan continued, “Scott has extensive experience leading technology companies through a growth phase, specifically with the operations necessary to keep the product innovative and impactful for clients. And, everyone at Salsa is expecting great things to come from his leadership as well as the entire Salsa senior management team.”

Scott Stouffer has led multiple software companies as CEO including Visual Networks, Optinuity and most recently Grodo. He has a degree in electrical engineering from Lehigh University and an MBA from New York University.

“Salsa was founded to make online organizing technology accessible to all nonprofits and political organizations with progressive causes,” said Scott Stouffer, CEO of Salsa. “Now, it is my intention and responsibility to follow that vision, expand the Salsa network, and at the same time deliver a platform that is high quality, stable, and profoundly impactful to our clients without sacrificing the world class support experience we already provide.”

About Salsa Labs:

Salsa Labs (Salsa) helps nonprofits and political campaigns to build, organize and engage a base of support, more efficiently and effectively. Salsa currently supports more than 2,000 organizations’ relationships with more than 75 million donors, members, activists and fans all around the world. We can do more things together than we can apart. For media information, visit Salsa online at www.SalsaLabs.com.