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#SalsaSpotlight: ACHIEVA



Founded over 60 years ago, ACHIEVA is a community organization dedicated to supporting and empowering individuals with disabilities and their families. ACHIEVA is the only agency of its type in southwestern Pennsylvania that provides lifelong supports. From early intervention therapies, in-home support, to older adult protective services for medically fragile senior citizens, Achieva provides services through the entire life span.

[Salsa Engage] is great because I can see at a glance how engaged our supporter base is. We feel that Salsa products are consistently at the forefront of fundraising.

We are proud to share that ACHIEVA has had steady 10% annual growth for the past six years with Salsa CRM, and more recently, Salsa Engage. With this growth, ACHIEVA has expanded their message and services to nearly 14,500 families and individuals. 

ACHIEVA, thank you for your incredible work and dedication to individuals, families, and the diversification of the Pennsylvania workforce.

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