Sign Up Form Analytics in Salsa Engage [Video]

Dan Quirk
June 2, 2017

The ability to run easily run reports and uncover important data that on is crucial to making informed decisions about future online marketing and fundraising efforts. Salsa's intuitive built-in reports deliver the "at a glance" dashboard insights you need to track subscriber growth, subscriber churn, and conversion rates of your sign up forms.

Here's how you can measure the performance of your sign up forms in Salsa Engage:

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In Salsa Engage, you’ll want to track your list growth at the form level and on an aggregate level.

At the form level, you can dive into the analytics of specific sign up forms. Here’s our “For the Future” sign up form we looked at last time.

In the results section, we can look at the summary metrics detailing the total forms views, number of new subscriptions and conversion rates. These visual insights also show you growth of sign ups over time, and you can even see conversions by web visitor source and device.

The other place you can look for insights into your list growth performance is in the Salsa Engage Dashboard. Here you can see the total number of subscribers you have all-time. This number represents anyone who has joined your list through any sign up form!

You can also see how many new subscribers you’re adding over time. If you’ve published multiple forms on your website or for events, all that data is aggregated in this list growth number. You can see how you’re growing your list over 30 days, 90 days, 1 year, and all time.

You can also see how many unsubscribes you’ve had, which is important to keep an eye on. If you’re communicating with relevant, timely, and engaging content, expect your unsubscribe number to stay below 2% of your total list size.


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