Sign Up Form Builder in Salsa Engage [Video]

Dan Quirk
May 26, 2017

To further your mission, you need an active, growing list of supporters that raise their voices on your behalf. Salsa's flexible sign up forms can help you turn more website visitors into subscribers, volunteers, supporters, advocates and more!

Create branded forms and petitions in minutes with easy to use drag and drop tools. Configure options and adjust the look and feel to precisely match your organization. Use images and formatted text to create compelling calls to action.

Here is how you can quickly build sign up forms in Salsa Engage:

Video Transcription


Every year, list growth is a top priority for forward thinking organizations.

In Salsa Engage, you can build sign up forms to turn more web visitors into supporters and start building more detailed supporter profiles.

With that in mind, let’s start by building a branded, newsletter sign up form.

Configuring your page is incredibly easy with drag and drop functionality that lets you customize the page structure and content elements. With our styling tools, you can design a theme that matches the rest of your website’s branding and feel.

Salsa sign up forms allow you to capture standard contact information and custom field information to build rich supporter profiles and then segment and target your supporters based on their interests.

You can see here we can capture their preferred sign up method and the issues they care about most.

Before you publish your form, you can set up an autoresponder email to send to your new subscribers and you can also configure your call to action button to place on your website, linking visitors to the sign-up form.

Here you can see our published mobile ready form! You can use the form builder tool for newsletter subscribers, petitions, action alert sign ups, simple surveys, or any other type of sign up form you’d like!


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