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Social Media Analytics in Salsa Engage [Video]

Accurately tracking social media results can be a bit of a headache. However, Salsa Engage synthesizes all of your social media engagement into one dashboard so you can see the impact of your posts. 

In one place, you can monitor clicks, shares, comment and conversions!

Here's the second of two videos spotlighting Salsa's social media reporting tools:

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Video Transcription:


Tracking your social engagement is easy with Salsa.

In the main dashboard in Engage, you can see a snapshot of (top right) the number of messages that have been published including Facebook and social posts.

You can also see activity over time. As you can see here (Social posts), we’ve posted 15 social messages that generated 779 clicks and 14 conversions.

For each social post, you can track the likes, shares, and comments generated.

If social posts with images are generating more shares than just social posts with text, you’ll be able to track that and optimize future posts.

Social lookup in Engage automatically appends social media handles by matching the supporter email address with their social platform to better understand where your supporters are most active.

You can even run a query on supporter social media handles to see where they have the most reach so that you can target future messaging where it would be most impactful for that supporter. You never know how big of an influencer you might have on your list!


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