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Success through Javascript: Perpetual Recurring Donations

by Allen Leonard

Welcome back! Today's issue of "Success Through Java" will focus on making donation pages more profitable in the long run. One of Salsa's members suggested that we come up with a way to make recurring donations automatically perpetual. If the donor chooses a recurring donation, then it's a monthly contribution for as long as the credit card is valid.

All it takes is a donation page and some Javascript, and the donor is a long-term contributor to your success.

Challenge: Have monthly, perpetual recurring donations

We will meet this challenge by not bothering the donor with figuring out how the recurring donation will be charged. We will be setting the term to "monthly" and the period to "unlimited". Then we'll replace the missing term and period fields with a disclaimer so that the donor knows what he/she is committing to.


This is the "before" condition. I've chosen the recurring option to show the fields that will be modified.


  1. This modification can go into any donation page, so the first step is to choose a donation page and edit.
  2. Click on the "Amounts" tab, and make sure that the "Include Recurring Donations" options is checked.
  3. Next, click on the "Optional Text" tab, and scroll down to the "Pre Submit Footer" field.
  4. Usually, this is where I ask you to copy a script from the article. This script is a bit more complex, so I'll ask you to click here. Another window will open up containing the Javascript. Please copy that, then close the window.
  5. Paste the javascript into the "Pre Submit Footer" field. When you are done, it will look something like this:

    By the way, any line in a script that starts with '//' is a comment. I use this to remind me of the details of the script. Just in case I have to fix it in the far distant future. Like maybe next month...

  6. Save the donation page.
  7. You are done!


Now, when you run the donation page, the supporter will have a choice of making a perpetual recurring donation or a standard donation. The donor won't have to make the messy choice of how often to give and how many times. A much simpler choice by far!

One last thing. The disclaimer text can be styled using CSS. That means that you can change its appearance by simply adding a <style> tag right before the script in the "Pre Submit Footer" field. For example, I decided that the disclaimer should have a background, and a border, and maybe a little font stylin'. Here's what the "Pre Submit Footer" field looks like: which resulted in a donation section that looks like this:

Notice that clicking the standard donation button hides the disclaimer:


We've seen that adding a slug of Javascript to any donation page can give the donor a choice of a perpetual recurring donation or a standard donation. The recurring disclaimer is hidden until it is needed, and we can decorate it to make it as bold or a subtle as needed.

I hope that this was all very helpful to you. If you have questions or suggestions, then please send me some mail at support@salsabs.com. Hope y'all have an excellent week!

Topics: Fundraising