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The Little Book of Gold

by Beth Johnson , Communication Specialist, Salsa

Little Book of Gold

Friend-of-Salsa Erik Hanberg’s new book, The Little Book of Gold: Fundraising for Small Nonprofits, is out now and Salsa is offering you a free download of Chapter 4: The Right Way to Throw An Event.

Using Linda, the fictional executive director of a small nonprofit, Hanberg addresses some of the major challenges facing fundraisers when it comes to throwing an event, and how to overcome them. Then, he offers his version of a perfect fundraising event (which may not be what you’d expect), complete with step-by-step detail for making it successful (including a timeline and emcee tips). Especially helpful is the advice he offers about asking for gifts- even big ones.

Find out more about his “wonderful, magical event” and lots of other practical tips in chapter 4.

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