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The Value of Content Marketing

According to The Essential Guide to Growing Your Online Support for Nonprofits content marketing is valuable for three major reasons:

  • It fosters organic list growth. Nonprofits are always looking for new supporters, and of course there are non-organic ways to do that. But organic growth allows a few different ways to draw people in:
    • Opt-in: Instead of trying to force people immediately into a donation page or to sign a petition, have supporters opt-in to get the content that you’re offering, and you can move them along the ladder of engagement to become donors or petition signers at a later date.
    • Search engine optimization (SEO): The better and fresher the content, the more related it is to your subject, and the more of it you put on the Web, the more your search engine rankings can go up — and the greater your chances of becoming an authority on your subject.
    • Viral opportunity: Content marketing has more opportunity to go viral than any other type of marketing that you do.
  • It gives you an opportunity to educate supporters. All nonprofits want to change minds and deepen the buy-in into their causes. And as you achieve that goal, you also want to educate people on what actions they should be taking and motivate them to action. Finally, you want them to associate you with your cause synonymously, so branding is another piece of content marketing.
  • It provides value. Nonprofits provide value to others through services, lobbying, and yes, even the content you create. Content marketing also provides value to the nonprofit through education or information, and it can lower supporter acquisition costs. It’s a lot less expensive to bring a supporter on board through content marketing than it is to host a big fundraising event.

In short, content marketing makes this a give-and-take relationship with your supporters — a win-win for all.

To learn more download our free ebook, The Essential Guide to Growing Your Online Support for Nonprofits. This new guide helps you connect and engage with current donors, volunteers and activists, and tells you how to reach out to new supporters using the online tools and content you’ve probably already got in place. It covers things like storytelling and choosing the best message for each medium, but also goes into things you might not know a lot about yet, like SEO, SEM and leveraging text messaging.

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