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This One Weird Trick Will Keep Your Facebook Ad From Being Rejected

by Adam Gerber, Senior Associate for Social Media, M+R Research Labs
This article was orginally posted on the M+R Research Labs website

Photos rule Facebook. They’re the lifeblood of any engaging Facebook ad campaign. But as you might have heard, Facebook now enforces a so-called “20% rule” that changes how you need to think about your ads and promoted posts on Facebook.

Here are the details straight from Facebook:

  • All images in ads (including sponsored stories and promoted posts) must be comprised of no more than 20% text
  • To judge that percentage, Facebook will divide your image into a grid of 25 squares and make sure no more than 5 have text in them.
  • Text in product shots — like a delicious, frosty can of Red Bull — doesn’t count towards the 20% limit for an image, as long as the photo isn’t zoomed way in.

What happens if you don’t comply? At the very least, your ad will probably be rejected (multiple M+R clients have already felt the sting of the 20% rule…). And if you’re a repeat offender, Facebook says your page could be permanently suspended.

There are a bunch more subtleties to the rules, so if you’re considering any sort of paid activity on Facebook, do yourself a favor and check out their handy new .pdf guide or visit the Facebook Help Center.

How will this affect me?

For more about how this change affects your cover photo and other Facebook images, as well as some super helpful examples that show the 20% rule in action, check out the original post at M+R's Research Labs blog.      

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