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Top 14 Tools & Tactics to Win Organizing Campaigns in the Digital Age on a Limited Budget

by Erica Blair, Marketing Assistant, Salsa

Did you miss Social Movement Technologies webinar, Top 14 Tools & Tactics to Win Organizing Campaigns in the Digital Age on a Limited Budget, or forget to take notes? Here is a quick summary of each of the 14 tools and tactics discussed:

  1. Use Mobile to Ramp Up Organizing- Did you know there is currently a 98% open rate on text messages? By going mobile, you dramatically expand your ability to communicate during a mass organizing action and to escalate the action instantly.
  2. Twitter Campaigns- Make the most of your Twitter efforts by using new tools like making your events trend with http://trendsmap.com, or using ThunderClap to make a big impact on Twitter on a set date and time.
  3. Online Petitions- Online petitions are good for more complex stories and messages and are a good way to get people involved for the first time. Use clear messaging and make sharing as easy as you can. Encourage your key influencers to share it with their networks.
  4. How To Scare Companies- Companies care about their brand image, customer experience and bottom line, so consider using social media to put pressure on them, whether it’s through a Yelp review or a coordinated Facebook campaign.
  5. Find Your Members on Social Media- Survey your audience and members to find out what social media channels they are using, what time of day they use these channels, and how they access the Internet. Then, meet them where they are.
  6. Using the Right Tool in the Right Way- Once you discover which social media channels your members use, think about how they use each channel. Again, you’ll want to make sure your outreach efforts meet them where they are.
  7. Make 2-Way Engagement a Cornerstone- You don’t just want to push information out to your audience, you want to emotionally engage them. Ask real questions that are meaningful and bring about comments and responses.
  8. Build Social Media Registration and Training into Every Event- On your registration pages, ask for the attendees social information as well as contact information. Also, you can create an event on Facebook to “check in”. During the event, encourage people to tweet, Facebook, etc., and you can observe conversation and talk on social media.
  9. Integrate Digital to Expand Event Impact- You want to begin to tech-ify your low-tech events. Create a Facebook event page, or even a twitter list to organize your event. Always give a digital action or ask, because people are most likely to share pictures than just information. At the event, get as many contact points as possible for future reference.
  10. Make It Easy- The most significant way to get information out to a large audience, is through sharing, so make it easy on your supporters! Make pages as sharable as possible.
  11. Develop a Meaningful Narrative- With a strategic and compelling narrative frame, you can increase buy-in and impact. Test different calls to actions and pictures, and see which ones produce the best results.
  12. Use Photos and Images to Be Louder Online- Image posts are way more effective than just words and links, and also help drive traffic to your page. To draw people in, make the pictures funny, shocking, informative, and timely.
  13. Cultivate On-Line Influencers- To identify on-line influencers, look for people who talk about your target on-line—in blogs or even on Twitter. It is not necessary that they have a huge following and audience, but you want them to have the ability to reach your target.
  14. Build a Powerful Contact Database- In order to build a powerful contact database to drive multi-channel campaigns, you need to get a CRM in place; you can’t do without it. Want to learn more about one? You’ve already come to the right place!
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