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Top 5 Types of Social Media Posts to Engage Supporters

Sharing information on social media is a powerful way to communicate need to your supporters. Certainly, you can use status updates and tweets and pins to call attention to a current campaign and encourage your friends and followers to take action. But as discussed in our report That’s Engaging, that kind of focus makes it easier to craft updates and add a sense of urgency to your posts.

So what about between campaigns, when there isn’t a big push or specific goal to focus on? These moments are just as critical for maintaining the interest of your supporters because how you post when there’s nothing urgent to say will help define your organization’s social media personality.

Check out these top 5 types of social media posts to help assess your social media posting style. Or get new ideas for other types of posts to try across your social networks.

Which type of social media post works best for your organization?

  • Funny/entertaining: Don’t underestimate people’s desire to just have fun sometimes.
  • Touching: Tell a story or anecdote that stirs an emotion.
  • Educational: Teach about your industry or cause.
  • Polling: Ask a question to find out more about your community.
  • Controversial: Get people thinking about a recent event, ruling, or other topic.
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