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Top Nonprofit CRM Tools for Land Trusts

Like every nonprofit organization, Land Trusts are tasked with managing donor relationships, tracking donations, and communicating with their constituents. On top of these challenges, are a host of others, such as handling the negotiations and due diligence required to properly execute real estate transactions, managing the back office, and providing stewardship for fee simple properties and easements.


What Land Trusts and Conservancies need is a nonprofit CRM that can be used to manage constituents, as well as land conservation projects and stewardship activities. This approach to managing projects and stewardship requires robust and flexible nonprofit software functionality that can be a huge value-add for Land Trust leaders who have so many responsibilities to juggle.

Let's take a look at several of these key nonprofit CRM tools...


You can manage all the key constituents for each specific land conservation project by segmenting them into "Groups". This functionality allows you to not only filter by each project, but you can filter by how each contact is related to a certain project. Are they a donor, a prospective donor, a land owner, a partner, or some other type of constituent? By segmenting groups, you can more accurately target your communications to each specific audience. Grouping is a key feature in the Project-Focused Fundraising methodology. 

Rapid Donation Entry

So your organization receives a bunch of cash or check donations from an event or a mailing. Great! But then comes the time-consuming part...entering them into the database. If you're lucky you'll have a volunteer sucking up hours entering data, but many times it falls on you, doesn't it? Well, with a rapid donation entry tool, you can enter 10-20 donations per minute, saving you valuable time and enabling you to work on the important stuff like preventing development on valuable land!

See how Rapid Donation Entry is done in Salsa CRM...

Check Remit Scanning

Speaking of manually entering donations. How about taking manual entry off the table altogether! Now, nonprofit CRM users have the ability to quickly process remit statements with a barcode scanner when donors respond to direct mail appeals with checks in the mail. Here's a step-by-step guide Contact us to learn how to barcode scanning works in Salsa CRM.


Customizable workflows in a nonprofit CRM software can be used for both nurturing and cultivating donors, as well as managing land conservation projects and stewardship activities according to the standards and practices required for accredidation! Create tasks for each step in the workflow, create forms for collecting data, and attach important documents to a record.  Whiteboards, index cards, and Outlook are great, but by tracking your project workflows and stewardship activities in a central location, you and your team can stay on top of everything in real time. Many nonprofit organizations say tools like these make them 40% more productive. To see a live personal demonstration of these customizable workflows, click below.

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