11 Best Online Fundraising Tools to Boost Revenue

Craig Grella
August 21, 2021

Online fundraising is an essential part of every nonprofit’s overall fundraising strategy, and the 11 applications that follow are some of the best online fundraising tools we’ve found to help your organization boost its revenue.

These 11 nonprofit fundraising tools are proven to make it easier for your supporters to engage with your organization and to make your staff more efficient in their work.

  1. Salsa Engage
  2. Salsa CRM
  3. Mobilize
  4. GiveGab
  5. Canva
  6. RoundUp
  7. Social Solutions
  8. Bonfire
  9. ECards
  10. Double the Donation
  11. Donor Trends

For each tool, we’ll describe the main features, what makes it great, and some information about pricing and where you can access the app.

1. Salsa Engage - Best Nonprofit Fundraising Tool for Online Donations

Salsa Engage is the best nonprofit fundraising tool for online donations

Fundraising Tool Overview

Salsa’s online fundraising tool, Salsa Engage, is the perfect option for managing donations and engaging with supporters and advocates - from email marketing and social media posting to online advocacy tools and peer-to-peer fundraising, Salsa has your back for everything you need to run your nonprofit online!

Salsa Engage’s solutions help you target the right donors for successful fundraising and target them through their preferred methods. Salsa even helps you convert prospects into loyal donors with professional and mobile-friendly subscription and donation forms. With Salsa Engage, there’s nothing your organization can’t do online.

Best Fundraising Tool Features

Salsa’s drag and drop builder makes it easy to launch donation forms and easy to embed them on any site. Salsa’s advocacy tools provide features that help your organization kick-start your campaign and reach the masses - from legislator lookups, click-to-call, and mobile texting to petitions, surveys, and sending emails, letters, and Twitter messages to your elected officials.

The Peer-to-peer fundraising module gives your organization all the tools to share your fundraising event with friends and family of your supporters which helps force multiply your contact engagements and fundraising revenue. P2P features include:

  • Custom event pages
  • Individual and team fundraising pages
  • Built-in-fundraising coaching
  • Free mobile fundraiser app
  • Dashboard analytics

Built-in fundraising coaching even helps you motivate your individual fundraisers to meet their goals so your campaign can meet yours!

Nonprofit Fundraising Tool Pricing

You can find more information about this nonprofit fundraising tool, including current pricing and features, by visiting our https://www.salsalabs.com/pricing.


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2. Salsa CRM - Best Online Fundraising Tool for Donor Data

Salsa CRM is the Best online fundraising tool for donor data

Fundraising Tool Overview

Salsa’s other online fundraising tool, Salsa CRM, is the perfect match for Salsa Engage. It helps you track your contacts, donors, supporters, advocates, and any other individual or company for which you need to keep information.

Salsa CRM syncs with Salsa Engage so you can keep all your contact and fundraising information and activity in one place and make sure your team has the most up-to-date information available when they’re speaking to contacts and potential supporters.

With Salsa CRM, you can personalize your donor outreach with custom segments and lists, advanced reporting based on a nearly unlimited set of standard and custom fields, and the most feature-rich constituent profile available today.

Best Fundraising Tool Features

Salsa CRM is stocked with helpful features to help you implement your engagement and fundraising strategies, including:

  • Detailed donor profiles
  • Direct mail fundraising
  • Donation tracking
  • Donor cultivation
  • DonorSearch integration
  • Double the Donation integration
  • Grant management
  • Member management
  • WealthEngine integration
  • Custom fields
  • Advanced reporting

Nonprofit Fundraising Tool Pricing

For more information about Salsa pricing visit https://www.salsalabs.com/pricing.

Personalized Demo Salsa CRM

3. Mobilize.us - Best Online Fundraising Tool for Volunteer Events

Mobilize.us is a fundraising tool for events and volunteer management

Fundraising Tool Overview

Mobilize is an online event platform with the ability to create community-based events and manage your volunteers. It works extremely well for nonprofits, issue advocacy groups, and those wanting to mobilize supporters toward a common cause.

Best Fundraising Tool Features

With Mobilize, you can post your first event in minutes and start taking registrations and RSVPs immediately. The tool allows you to create:

  • Single-shift events
  • Recurring and multiple-shift events
  • Virtual events
  • In-person events
  • Call legislators' offices

Decrease no-shows at your event with automated communication and attendee follow-up, plus additional features like post-event feedback surveys, personalized volunteer experiences, and a faceted searchable interface for showcasing your organization’s events across categories, dates, and even locations.

Supporters can be mobilized to create and host their own events in support of your organization, and they can share custom links with their own networks, friends, family, and colleagues to increase your own list participation.

Nonprofit Fundraising Tool Pricing

To learn more about how Mobilize can empower your volunteers and help you create and manage a calendar of events visit their information page at https://join.mobilize.us/platform.

6 Week Communication Roadmap for Nonprofit Events Image

4. GiveGab - Best Online Fundraising Tool for Individual Days of Giving

GiveGab is a great online fundraising tool to help with individual days of giving

Fundraising Tool Overview

GiveGab is a fundraising tool that helps nonprofits organize and collect money during individual days of giving.

Best Fundraising Tool Features

GiveGab is a great tool for nonprofit networks to host affiliate events like 24-hr giving days, and to raise awareness and funds through embedded social media and peer-to-peer engagement.

Their day of giving platform includes features that give your organization transparency and live updates into the metrics that matter, like:

  • Live Giving Day Statistics
  • Flexible Landing Page Builder
  • Integrated Search Engine Optimization
  • Social Media Integration
  • Custom Logo Design & Downloadable Marketing Materials

GiveGab donation forms can also be shared with your supporters and hosted on external websites turning nearly any advocate into a fundraiser for your organization.

Nonprofit Fundraising Tool Pricing

Pricing and custom demos for GiveGab can be found at https://info.givegab.com/pricing.

5. Canva - Best Online Tool for Creating Fundraising Graphics

Canva can help you design graphics for online fundraising

Fundraising Tool Overview

Canva.com is a graphic tool that helps you create online and print graphics for nearly any application. Using a drag and drop builder and literally thousands of pre-built templates you can be up and running with graphics for your nonprofit in a matter of minutes.

Best Fundraising Tool Features

Canva can help you build graphics including website graphics, infographics, images for email and social media, flyers, cards, and more.

Any graphic you create can be exported into multiple formats. You can create animated videos, gifs, and even send your creations out for printing and mailing. Canva also integrates with dozens of apps and social media networks.

Nonprofit Fundraising Tool Pricing

Canva has a free tier with tons of features and a paid pro tier which makes available additional applications and media types. They also offer a premium version for free to nonprofits. You can learn more about why we think this is one of the best fundraising tools and get information about pricing here: https://www.canva.com/canva-for-nonprofits.

6. RoundUp App: Best Online Fundraising Tool for Small Donations

RoundUp is an online fundraising tool for spare change donations

Fundraising Tool Overview

Roundup is an application that rounds up your normal spending to the nearest dollar and takes that extra change and donates it to your nonprofit. Buy a latte at Starbucks for $4.85 and the app rounds that up to $5.00, giving you the difference. That means whenever your supporters buy dog food at PetSmart or a pair of jeans at Target your nonprofit gets a few spare pennies.

It might not seem like much at first, but Roundup boasts the average app user actually donates between $15 and $20 per month from all their space change purchase roundups.

Best Fundraising Tool Features

Roundup has an app that can be synced to a credit or debit card which then tracks your supporter’s purchases automatically. The extra money is routed through Roundup and then sent off to your nonprofit securely. There’s not much more to do than that. Set it and forget it!

Register your nonprofit with Roundup, send your supporters a link where they can download the app and associate it with your organization, and start counting that extra coin!

Nonprofit Fundraising Tool Pricing

For more information on RoundUp pricing and visit their pricing pdf here.

7. Social Solutions - Top Online Fundraising Tool for Showcasing Your Organization’s Impact

Social Solutions Online Fundraising tool to show your nonprofit impact

Fundraising Tool Overview

Demonstrating your organization’s impact when making a fundraising appeal will increase your potential revenue. It’s a practice we cover in more detail in an article on how to make a successful fundraising appeal.

Social Solutions has developed that powerful concept into an online application that helps your nonprofit track your community from the first touch with your organization through to the final realized impact. It then makes your data available with beautiful reports and analytics which can be rolled up and shared with your donors and potential donors to increase your fundraising engagement.

Best Fundraising Tool Features

Social Solutions dashboards help you take internal processes and impact reporting out of static spreadsheets and bring them alive through dynamic custom dashboards that can be shared with your team, board members, grant-makers, and members of the public.

The Social Solutions Community Network platform also connects you to other organizations like yours, so you can capitalize on best practices implemented by thousands of organizations solving social issues worldwide.

Nonprofit Fundraising Tool Pricing

To learn more about Social Solutions and to obtain pricing information visit https://www.socialsolutions.com/solutions/community-network.

8. Bonfire - Top Online Fundraising Tool for T-Shirt Fundraising

Bonfire is an online fundraising tool for selling nonprofit apparel

Fundraising Tool Overview

T-shirt and apparel fundraising is an increasingly popular way to raise money for your nonprofit and Bonfire makes it easy to create, print, and sell custom apparel for your next fundraising event or for your advocacy campaign.

Best Fundraising Tool Features

Bonfire allows you to create a campaign quickly with point-and-click simplicity. You can choose from several products like t-shirts, hats, sweatshirts, and water bottles. You can customize them and set up your store in minutes. When your campaign ends, Bonfire will ship sold products directly to your buyers.

Nonprofit Fundraising Tool Pricing

For more information about Bonfire pricing and features specifically tailored to nonprofits visit https://www.bonfire.com/fundraising/nonprofits.

Digital Advocacy Guide

9. Ecards - Best Online Fundraising Tool for ECards

ecards are a great online fundraising tool

Fundraising Tool Overview

Everyone likes to get a happy card in the mail, and Cornershop Creative has taken that concept online with the eCard campaign management tool.

eCards are great for fundraising campaigns, holiday donation events, end-of-year giving drives, and other dates that carry significance to your community. You can even use them for memorial events and for special honor gifts.

Best Fundraising Tool Features

eCard forms work just like your regular signup or fundraising forms on your website, with one special bonus: they allow you to attach custom sharable pictures your supporters can send to their friends and family to show their support for your organization. So instead of just sending a simple, boring text email, they get a dynamic e-card with custom images, logos, and other info.

eCards can be integrated with any nonprofit website and collected data can be pushed into many popular CRMs. Payments can be processed through popular providers like PayPal, Stripe, CardConnect, or Authorize.net

Nonprofit Fundraising Tool Pricing

For more information on how to include eCards in your nonprofit website reach out to Cornershop Creative at https://cornershopcreative.com/product/ecard-gravity-forms.

10. Double the Donation - Best Online Fundraising Tool for Matching Gifts

Double the Donation online gift matching fundraising tool

Fundraising Tool Overview

Double the Donation’s online fundraising tool is a necessity for matching gifts. Double the Donation stresses the idea that staying in sight means staying in mind because they know that $6-10 billion of matched donations are left unclaimed every year!

Double the Donation prides itself on helping your donors speedily access their matching gift programs to get the process started. They believe that the promotion of matching gifts can boost the initial donation amount, too!

Best Fundraising Tool Features

Double the Donation’s online fundraising platform provides an embeddable widget for nonprofits to use on their website pages and donation forms. It helps donors determine their eligibility status in just a few moments. It also lets nonprofits search their extensive database of companies that already provide gift matching programs.

Double the Donation handles all the paperwork for the gift match for the employee and the employer, making record-keeping and donation processing much easier for your organization. The product also integrates with Salsa Engage, Salsa CRM, and many other nonprofit CRMs.

Nonprofit Fundraising Tool Pricing

For more information on how to use Double the Donation, one of the best fundraising tools for gift matching, visit https://doublethedonation.com.

11. Donor Trends - Best Online Fundraising Tool for Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Donor Trends fundraising tool for nonprofit artificial intelligence

Fundraising Tool Overview

Donor Trends is a tool that uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to analyze your supporters and predict what they might do next.

Best Fundraising Tool Features

Donor Trends uses predictive analytics and machine learning to analyze various points of data in your contact profiles and activity histories tell you who on your existing list is likely to complete some action in the future, like becoming a donor, or which donor would be likely to become a recurring donor or major donor.

This information is then input back into your email automation platform for marketing emails, social media campaigns, and other outreach. Donor Trends will help your organization make the right ask at the right time to the right person.

Nonprofit Fundraising Tool Pricing

For more information and pricing on Donor Trends visit http://donortrends.com.


That caps our list of the 11 best online fundraising tools to boost revenue for your nonprofit. Don’t forget to share this link with your network on social media and let us know which tool you’re trying next and how it works for your organization!


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