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Top Ten Strategies for List Growth Strategy #1: Social Media

by Steph Drahozal, Marketing Assistant, Salsa

Email and direct mail are useful tools to reach the people you already know, but how do you reach those that you don’t? Two words. Social media. Social media is a great way to engage your supporters and encourage them to truly connect with you, as well as share your info with people who otherwise may not have access to it.

In order to be successful, you must know the audience you are trying to reach. Keep Tweets short and simple (seriously. You don’t need to use all 140 characters) and attract people to your Facebook page with images and videos.

What type of content should you post? The goal is to get friends and followers to share your content, and they will only do that if they deem it relevant to their own lives. So follow these five types of proven post types to spark the most engagement:

  • Funny/entertaining: Don’t underestimate people’s desire to just have fun sometimes. Everybody appreciates a good laugh!
  • Controversial: Get people thinking and talking about a recent event or topic.
  • Touching: Tell a story or anecdote that stirs an emotion.
  • Educational: Teach about your industry or cause.
  • Polling: Ask a question to find out more about your community.

Ultimately, people get connected with your social media with just a click of a button, so be sure to include social sharing, calls to action and like/follow buttons on every page of your website and in every email!

On that note, I’ll follow my own advice and encourage you to follow us on twitter @Salsalabs and like our Facebook page.

To learn more download our free ebook, The Essential Guide to Growing Your Online Support for Nonprofits. This new guide helps you connect and engage with current donors, volunteers and activists, and tells you how to reach out to new supporters using the online tools and content you’ve probably already got in place. It covers things like storytelling and choosing the best message for each medium, but also goes into things you might not know a lot about yet, like SEO, SEM and leveraging text messaging.

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