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Top Ten Strategies for List Growth Strategy #3: Tell-A-Friend Pages

by Steph Drahozal, Marketing Assistant, Salsa

Friends are more likely to read and show interest in a cause advocated by another friend. Even if they have no personal connection to the cause, their interest may be piqued because of the friend’s experience.

With this in mind, as you create your web pages, you should consider adding an option to each and every sign-up page allowing supporters to add a friend’s email address with a pre-written message of invitation that they can edit and personalize.

This is a simple way for supporters to spread your message. They can share them with their immediate friends who are more likely to take action on a cause that their friends care about.

While the recipient email addresses are not added to your supporter database (since a third party cannot opt someone in), the mechanism does provide a valuable way to spread the word about your action items and content, which can in turn grow your list.

For more information on how to create tell-a-friend-pages, check out our Salsa help page: https://help.salsalabs.com/entries/22562718-Tell-a-Friend-TAF-Page.

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