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5 Awesome Organizations Fighting for Women's Equality

Today, the rallying cry to fight for women's rights echoes that of the 1970s women's rights movement. On January 21st, over a million (5 million worldwide!) people came together across the United States with the Women's March on Washington to send a bold message to the Trump administration: women's rights are human rights.

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Webinar Round-Up: Advocacy Best Practices for 2017

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New Online Advocacy Software Overview Video

We just released a brand new video highlighting Online Advocacy in the Salsa Engage platform!

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The Power of an Awesome Donor Thank You Letter

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9 Ways to Grow your Supporter List Using Online Advocacy

shutter-fistSupporters are the lifeblood of any organization, and one way to get folks actively engaged in your cause is through online actions such as petitions and targeted actions.

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18 Nonprofits And The Election Issues That Will Affect Them The Most

All across America, nonprofit charities, agencies, foundations, and legislative advocacy organizations are gearing up for Election Day on November 8th. While the Presidential race has gotten the lions' share of national press coverage, the future and the funding for so many nonprofits will be impacted by Congress, state legislatures, and local politics, more than any future administration's actions will affect them. The bottom line is...every race matters, at every level!

Over the last few weeks, we've been discussing with Salsa customers what issues they are concerned about as they look forward to 2017 and beyond. Below are the responses of 18 nonprofits who felt like their organization will feel be impacted by the outcome of the election:

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8 Steps to Incorporate Mobile Fundraising into Your Advocacy Campaign

If you're in the business of advocacy, chances are you're a passionate individual. You think globally and act locally. You care about having your voice and the voices of those you advocate for heard above the fray.

Whether you're lobbying, litigating, educating, or organizing for your cause, there's one common factor that all groups have to consider: funding.

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Ultimate Guide to Fundraising Software

Choosing the right software is a critical decision for any nonprofit organization.

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What is Advocacy Advertising?

At face value, it’s not exactly difficult to figure out the basic meaning of advocacy advertising. Just as it sounds, the term applies to marketing for various advocacy campaigns.

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6 Strategies and Techniques for Running an Advocacy Campaign

Whether you’re just ramping up an advocacy campaign, in the thick of it, or reflecting back on a recent effort, there’s value in evaluating your practices and seeing where you could improve your campaigns.

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5 Steps to Planning an Advocacy Campaign

A professional chef plans out her five course meal. A teacher lines up his lesson plan. A paperboy maps out his route. And...an advocate plans out an advocacy campaign. 

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Back to Basics: What is Advocacy?

Have you ever taken steps to support a cause that’s near and dear to your heart? Have you ever used your own platform to raise awareness of a societal issue that can’t fix itself?

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