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#SalsaSpotlight: The Environmental Working Group


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#SalsaSpotlight: ACHIEVA


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#SalsaSpotlight: The National Sustainable Agriculture Coalition

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#SalsaSpotlight: The Beaver County Humane Society

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Boost your Online Advocacy Campaigns with these Top Salsa Features

If you’re looking to create a super compelling and successful advocacy campaign just like this one (which led to a 232% list increase in just 12 months) or this one (which changed the direction of federal policy with the help of 1,100 engaged supporters), then look no further than Salsa.

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6 Ways to Optimize Your Salsa Dashboard and Account

Whether you’re new to Salsa or in need of a refresh, there are tons of features in our online organizing platform that we think are worth a shout out for their cool factor or simple convenience. And we’re not just talking about the incredibly useful email outreach,fundraising campaign tools, or event management features. There are also some fundamental features that make Salsa work in a way that’s right for you. We’re talking about the basic, yet important, Salsa dashboard and ccount management features that govern the way your entire Salsa account operates.

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Salsa and Salesforce Get In Sync...Salsa Sync!

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Improve Your Year-End Fundraising Emails With These Super Salsa Tools

When it comes to fundraising, December really matters.  The last three months of the year account for 46% of all the yearly donations processed via Salsa donation pages! As we head into the height of fundraising season, take a moment to review some SUPER tools that can help you maximize your donation asks in Salsa.

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Salsa Sync for Salesforce is, um, Dreamy

In honor of #Dreamforce week, we thought we’d celebrate our Salsa Sync for Salesforce application and treat you to a few more details. More than 60 organizations signed up to for our beta testing, and the initial beta groups are in full swing. We expect that the application will be generally available in November.

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Get Your Shiny New Salsa Email Templates!

When it comes to email communications, the first impression makes a difference. Whether it’s a catchy subject line, an entertaining image or enjoyable reading material, when your supporters like what they see in one email, they’ll be more likely to open and click the next. 

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Case Studies: Get the Most out of Nonprofit Member Management in Salsa

This was originally posted on the Powerthru Consulting blog.

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