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Like a Boss: Twitter Best Practices for #GivingTuesday



#1 - Make an Impact 

Impactful tweets are specific and reliable. Share how your organization plans to spend #GivingTuesday donations and why you chose that particular initiative. Make your ask relatable and share your vision with your audience by including links, photos, and videos. Here's a great example from Surfrider, a nonprofit dedicated to the protection and enjoyment of the world's ocean.

@Surfrider: $20 pays for 2 water tests to make sure a day at the beach is healthy & safe. Give to @Surfrider this #GivingTuesday.

$20 is an amount that we all understand. By sharing how a specific amount of money will be used, the donor can easily understand the impact that his or her gift will have. 


#2 - Publish Live Fundraising Updates on Social Media

It isn't a coincidence that #GivingTuesday began on Twitter. It was a brilliant, strategic choice. Despite the fact that in 2012 Facebook had more than 5 times as many users as Twitter (1.23B v. 232M), the minds behind the global day of giving understood that Twitter had something that Facebook didn't: real-time virality. 


Watching a charity that you're passionate about try to reach a fundraising goal in a limited amount of time is exciting! Use the event as an opportunity to engage with your supporters. Share your fundraising goal in the morning, live tweet your progress, and share how they can help you reach the finish line.


#3 - Tell Your Story

Prior to the big day (11/29/16), strategize a way to show your social media audience how your organization is changing the world. Simon Sinek said it best in his 2009 "How Great Leaders Inspire Action" Tedx talk: people don't buy what you do, they buy why you do it. 


Interview clients and ask them to share how their lives have changed since encountering your organization. How have you helped them grow? If your organization doesn't have clients, share notable achievements you've made in the past two years. Share these stories on social media with videos, quotes, and case studies. 


#4 - Listen and Engage

As a social media phenomenon, #GivingTuesday is pretty... well, social! Lend your voice to the Twitter conversation and encourage others to do the same. Remember to include relevant industry hashtags along with #GivingTuesday to expand your reach.



Now go forth and make us proud! 



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