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Unlock Facebook Fans While Engaging Supporters Beyond Like, Share and Comment

by Drew Bernard, Founder, ActionSprout

How many times have you cursed the fact that you can’t access the email addresses of your own Facebook Fans? When was the last time you dreamt of giving Facebook supporters actions more engaging then Like, Share or Comment? Wouldn't it be amazing if you could give action takers a one-click way to take an action on your behalf on their mobile phone and have it automatically shared with their Facebook friends?

Not long ago, if you had asked the smartest people in the nonprofit sector if you could do these things, they would have simply said "No! Sorry... Facebook just won't allow it." But over the past few months organizations have begun to run campaigns that do these very things.

Last week in Canada, for instance, hundreds of thousands of fans of the David Suzuki Foundation, and their friends, saw wall posts that asked them to help “Stop” a potentially disastrous trade deal with China. But unlike the usual “Like or Share to show your support” the users were asked to click “Stop” to add their name to a letter that was being sent to Prime Minister Harper, urging him not to go forward with the trade deal.

The campaign was powered by ActionSprout, a new Salsa connected Facebook app that gives organizations dozens of nonprofit and campaign-relevant social actions to engage supporters directly on their own Facebook pages. For instance they can now ask them to click “Donate”, “Recommend”, “Thank”, “Sign”, “Contact”, “Support” or take dozens of other actions to support their work.

When a Facebook user takes an action through an organization’s ActionSprout app, the organization gets the person’s name, email address, any social connection with other action takers, and whether or not the person is a Fan of their page. ActionSprout utilizes Facebook’s new Open Graph making it highly viral. It also plays nicely with Salsa, allowing action takers to start an action inside Facebook and then be directly off to a pre-populated Salsa campaign to complete it. In fact, ForestEthics used this functionality last week to support their effort to stop the trade deal, too.

One of the easiest ways to start using ActionSprout with Salsa is to add a “Sign Socially” button to all online petitions and letter signing campaigns. This provides a great one-click way for supporters to help grow the campaign and get their friends involved.

ActionSprout is also mobile friendly, making the one-click “Sign Socially” button a great option for anyone visiting your petitions via mobile devices. In fact, based on the current traffic and actions taken through ActionSprout, the company is seeing upwards of 25% of engagement happening on mobile devices.

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