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5 Ways to Engage 20-Somethings in Fundraising Events

Millennials seem to be an untapped resource when it comes to fundraising efforts. The value they can bring to an organization is often times overlooked, sacrificing countless potential donations. 


In the recent study, “The Millennial Impact Report,” research shows that 72% of people aged 20-30 are interested in participating in a nonprofit young professional group.

The desire to contribute is existent; the question becomes how can an organization harness this interest.

When organizing an event, here are some key factors to keep in mind to help engage the Millennial generation:

Millennials are not donors

This is true in the sense that Millennials will not be the demographic contributing a significant monetary donation to an event.

They can be, however, your biggest fundraisers.

This fundraising comes from an ability to utilize social media to stretch their networks and engage their community with the cause they are working for. The vastness of these networks is an asset that should not be underestimated.

Autonomy is key

A little bit of control goes a long way. Letting younger participants take the reigns of certain aspects of an event can help make them feel more connected to your cause.

Effectively delegating tasks will allow Millennials take ownership of an event, making it more important to them personally.

Work towards retention

One danger many organizations are facing is Millennial loyalty.

A major drawback to this generation’s presence on social media is that it provides the capability to constantly search for a next best offer. One way to avoid this is by keeping their participation in an event extremely interactive.

By making their role not only fun but also rewarding, you are actively working towards keeping them excited and motivated.

Incentive for attendance

Looking for a younger crowd to attend an event?

The answer can be easier than you think. By simply promising free food, tee shirts, or any sort of give-a-way, you can almost insure to get the attention of a younger group.

The majority of Millennials are still in college or paying off student loans, so some simple extrinsic motivation can go a long way towards drumming up excitement for an upcoming event.

Additionally, offering incentives is a great lead-in to giving.

Not only can “free stuff” encourage young people to show up to events, the promise of a free t-shirt or a water bottle after making a small donation can be enough to get millennials to give a few bucks to your nonprofit’s cause.

Keep it visually interesting

This generation was one that was raised technologically savvy and knowledgable. A simple run-of-the mill online presence is detrimental to gaining a Millennial following.

Content and visuals should be original and engaging in order to acquire their attention. Remember that these factors are crucial towards a Millennial assessing your organization’s legitimacy. 

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