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Webinar Round-Up: Advocacy Best Practices for 2017

While rallies and protests are a good way to drive visibility, they are not a viable conduit for change. With inauguration day on the horizon, the key question is this: How can we use nonprofit advocacy to drive effective, lasting change? Here are the advocacy best practices that we will be using to make an impact in 2017:

Connect the Dots

Tap into the energy surrounding the inauguration and new government by relating Executive Branch activities to your core programs and initiatives. Help your supporters connect the dots between what the new administration means for the issues your organization is fighting for, what it is that you are planning to do about it, and how they can get involved.

Focus on Growth

Put initiatives in place where the sole measurement is to grow your supporter base. Lower the bar for the level of activity required to complete the ask. Try circulating a petition, promoting a behavior-based pledge, content offers, and spreading the word via social media and using a welcome email series.

Gain Insight

Learn what people are interested in, and send them information about it. Tell them how they can help. Segment incoming supporters by the actions they take or ask them directly. Instead of creating a lengthy sign up form, use a welcome series to learn more about their interests.

Provide Actionable Next Steps

Why did they sign up with your organization? What did they want to accomplish? Don't communicate just to ask - build your relationship by informing them about an issue they have expressed interest in, or thanking them for taking an action. Remember to send communications based on relevance to the consumer and include actionable next steps for them to take.
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