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It's the "Salsa Weekly Highlight," your quick hit on what's new in Salsa to help get the most out of your online program. As always, you can find plenty more news, updates, and conversation throughout the week on SalsaCommons.org.

With the 2011 Salsa Community Conference coming up next week, we're looking forward to showing off all kinds of highlights.

One of our favorite features has to be the Actions 3 tool. It's just the latest iteration of Actions, but it rolls in some new bells and whistles, including one that ought to be a big hit ...

Target by Party or by Committee

With Actions 3, any targeted legislative chamber -- House or Senate, federal or state -- can now be filtered to easily hone in on members of a specific party or committee.

Once you've picked the targeted chamber in the Action setup, select "filter" on the right side of the page.

A screen pops up: here, you can decide how to filter the legislative body.

  • State and zip filters enable you to find the legislator(s) associated with a specific location

  • The party affiliation filter lets you grab all the chambers Democrats or Republicans (as well as various third parties) at once

  • A committee filter lists the chamber's committee, subcommittee, and caucus memberships

Pick any one of these filters, and you'll get a narrowed-down list of potential targets who meet its criteria. Just check the ones you want to send messages to.

Note, however, that targeting a committee does not override the general requirement that legislative messages be constituent-based.

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