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Who’s Doin It Right: Alliance for American Manufacturing Uses Salsa to Pass Bill on Chinese Currency Manipulation

by Beth Johnson , Communication Specialist, Salsa

Welcome to another edition of Who’s Doin It Right where we’ll share some great examples of those are using the Salsa Labs platform to make the most of their fundraising and outreach efforts

EWG logoHere’s a fact that probably won’t surprise you- non-profits have more online communication tools at their fingertips than ever before. No one knows this better than the Alliance for American Manufacturing (AAM), a non-partisan, nonprofit partnership focused on strengthening the manufacturing base in the U.S. Their extensive online presence includes blogs, Facebook, Twitter, website, email, and electronic media outreach. The combination of tools is working for them. Earlier this year, AAM used their outlets to help a bill relating to China’s currency manipulation gain momentum from its inception, all the way to its arrival, and passage, in the House.

AAM's Twitter AAM uses Twitter to send out information about China's currency manipulation as part of their integrated campaign strategy

Working with Salsa, AAM created a strategy for streamlining their online presence and creating more effective campaigns. First and foremost, they analyzed their audience (a crucial step for you to remember in planning for your organization’s own campaigns) and found that their supporters preferred to receive email as their primary means of hearing from AAM. From there, AAM built the rest of their campaign, spreading the message from email to Twitter to streaming video, and even press releases with the social sharing features. They kept their messages and branding consistent through the email builder while sending out an average of one email per week, plus targeted action alerts and monthly newsletters.

Read the article for more about how AAM accomplished its goals, and achieved other recent successes.

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