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Who’s Doin It Right — Campaign for Tobacco Free Kids

I think you’re probably catching on by now, but Who’s Doin It Right is Salsa’s blog series where we share some stellar examples of those using Salsa to make the most of their organizing efforts, working to build a base of support through fundraising, communication and advocacy.

What’s that? You thought tobacco as a major public health threat has been solved? Nope. Not even close. It’s still the number one cause of preventable death around the world. And with that mentality, CTFK is finding themselves need to use creative, attention-grabbing campaigns to achieve their goals. Along with these great, and work-intensive ideas is a need for a CRM (and more) to support them. That’s where Salsa was able to assist. Beyond the right technology, Salsa has been able to provide a level of service and support that allows CTFK’s staff to think, and implement, outside the box.Chances are good you already know a little something about the Campaign for Tobacco Free Kids (CTFK). But if not, CTFK is a leader in the fight to reduce tobacco use in the US and around the world. They employ a variety of techniques but largely they focus on advocacy at all levels of government, as well as public education/ information campaigns and of course, as their name implies, youth programs.

Learn more about CTFK and their switch to Salsa, read the full story.

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