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Who’s Doin It Right: Environmental Working Group Uses Salsa to Convert Supporters to Activists

by Beth Johnson , Communication Specialist, Salsa

You may have seen our latest blog series Ur Doin It Wrong about making the most of your emails. Well, here’s the first in our series of Who’s Doin It Right, highlighting some of Salsa clients and partners who are making their organizing, fundraising and outreach efforts work.

EWG logo Let’s start with the Environmental Working Group (EWG). Last spring, they initiated an advocacy campaign that resulted in 110,000 people emailing the FDA urging them to ban BPA from food packaging. The most impressive part? They mobilized this force of activists in a week and half.

EWG has long been a resource for individuals to arm themselves with the information they need to protect their family from toxic contaminants- both environmental and in consumer products. Their entire supporter list, more than one million strong, all voluntarily opt-ed in to their communication and outreach. Recently, EWG has strived to help their supporters be more active through both advocacy and fundraising campaigns. Here’s where Salsa was able to help.Through Salsa’s segmentation email tools and social sharing features, EWG could customize their welcome messages to engage new subscribers in actions beyond just information gathering. This begins with a basic welcome to EWG message and a note of encouragement to “like” them on Facebook. Next, they receive a message specifically focused on one or more of their areas of interest. Finally, they receive a call to action message speaking to their consistent interest in that area.

scoring toolEWG went beyond just emails. They also used the Salsa Scoring package to analyze their data on existing supporters to encourage the shift from information-gathering consumer to policy-changer by narrowing in on their demographics, individual interests and tracking their current efforts. This information, in turn, is used to create more highly-segmented email messages, and to target campaigns to the most likely activists in their existing database.

Find out more about how EWG is achieving their goals with Salsa, and what happened with the BPA-ban by reading the full story.

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