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Who’s Doin It Right- General Board of Church and Society

We’re back! The Who’s Doin It Right series shares some stellar examples of those using Salsa to make the most of their organizing efforts, working to build a base of support through fundraising, communication and advocacy.

The United Methodist Church has about 12 million members worldwide. With a congregation that size, they need several programs to help achieve their mission, including the General Board of Church and Society (GBCS). GBCS serves to implement Methodist principles and doctrines into social issues including safe working conditions, domestic violence and even immigration.

As you probably know, the strength of your communication outreach is only as strong as your data. For GBCS, this meant they needed to work on cleaning up their current supporter list, and then using new reporting and analytics features to get a better picture of who their supporters were and how to best engage them. By making the move to Salsa (from Blackbaud’s Kintera), they were able to empower their own staff to easily gather information about who is in their database, and how they’ve connected with GBCS.

As a result, they have managed to grow their supporter list by 12% and continue to see upward trends in their master list, and on individual campaigns. They are using their new reports and analytics to craft creative messaging, and target supporters and supporter groups by demographics, prior engagement and more. Ready to read the full story? Click here.

Topics: Supporter Management