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Why Nonprofits Should Use Video

by Theresa Bucci, Digital Marketing Specialist

A simple but important reason for nonprofits to invest in video is the potential for videos to be aggregated by other organizations. This is a great opportunity for raising visibility. Not only are nonprofits promoting videos to their social media followers, many are sharing videos produced by other organizations on their own websites and blogs - especially when the video explains an issue that their organization is invested in.

In today’s digital world, there is great potential for an organization’s videos to be shared by others, therefore reaching a wider audience outside of their own supporters and even establishing the organization as subject matter experts. When a video is promoted and shared, the subject matter is presented using the institution's message and brand. A well-produced video will also include links back to the organization's website or social media pages. This scenario is especially useful for smaller nonprofits because it enables them to reach a potentially larger audience.

For example, if you are an organization advocating for a particular issue – a video by your organization may be shared and used by all the other organizations working on that same issue. Even if you are a small nonprofit with only a few thousand followers and supporters, if just one bigger organization with hundreds of thousands of followers promotes your video – you have the potential to grow the views of that video and the reach of your organization by thousands. The same can even be true if you are a large nonprofit and several smaller organizations, who may not have videos of their own, use your video to explain the same issue.

So my advice, make sure you don't miss out on the opportunity to raise the visibility of your organization and the issues you work on by using video. Not to mention, video has the added benefits for superior Search Engine Optimization (SEO); but that’s a blog post for another day…

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