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33% of online donations come from peer to peer fundraising...Discover how your organization can drive awareness and new donors from your events.

Event registration pages

Individual and team donate pages

Social and Email Marketing 

Easy Auction Checkout


Raise awareness. Grow your base. Delight attendees with efficiency. Seamlessly integrate peer to peer fundraising into your event fundraising activities.

Here's a peek at what you get with Salsa's Fundraising Event tools:

  • Email marketing to invite supporters to participate or attend
  • Social media publishing/scheduling to advertise event
  • Event registration pages and custom registration levels
  • Individual or team fundraising pages and donation forms
  • P2P fundraiser coaching for event managers
  • Free mobile app for fundraisers (Syncs with native messaging apps)
  • Dashboard analytics to measure success
  • Pre-register credit cards before events
  • Auction checkout at events

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