DIY-P2P-Covid-2020As an organization, you can harness the power of your community to help you reach, and even exceed, your fundraising goals, even as the nation and the world shift to a predominantly online-focused way of life and approach to fundraising.

Salsa is here to show you why a Do-It-Yourself Peer-to-Peer is such a powerful tool. This evergreen fundraising initiative allows your fundraising to expand outside of your immediate donor base and into your donors’ personal networks. It also allows your fundraisers to get creative while directly contributing to their favorite organizations' success.

*A walk-through of how to set up the initiative
* The outreach required to make it a success (emails and social) 
* Step-by step guidance for how to use a Salsa P2P template and create your own DIY P2P page through Engage
* Pre-Designed Peer-to-Peer and Email Templates to get you started!