Donor and Donation Tracking

All of your supporter iNformation In one place


Managing your donors in one central place is essential to running an efficient and effective development department. Salsa CRM brings data from every donor interaction together, helping you build rich supporter profiles. Now you can communicate with each donor with relevant, perfectly timed messages.

Take Action with the Industry's Most Detailed Donor Profiles

Track and report on every historical interaction with your donors, online or offline. Salsa’s constituent profiles let you track contact data, relationships, interests, demographics, social media accounts, event attendance and anything else. Control access as needed with role-based restrictions and security that allows you to define what data each user can see or change. Ensure only the right people can access your all-important donor data. Deduplication features help you to keep your data clean.

Powerful segmentation and targeting lets you act on this data. Learn about it here >>


Keep Track of Unique Data with Custom Fields

Every organization has unique data that is important to track such as ‘dog name’, ‘anniversary date’, or ‘sponsorship level’. You can create unlimited custom fields for your constituent records. Then easily query on any field or data point to gain valuable insight and produce ad hoc reports. Create and segment lists for solicitations with easy query tools and automatically insert custom fields, giving history and specific asks into your email and direct mail campaigns.

Custom fields are key to personalizing each interaction!


Smarter Fundraising with Relationships & Householding

Better intelligence means better fundraising. Salsa CRM lets you connect individuals to others in their household and determine which addresses to share or not share in relationships. Also, track social and familial bi-directional relationships and keep track of seasonal addresses and preferred email addresses.


Detailed Notes for Specific Recollection

Enter meeting notes on your mobile device or tablet while you are on the road to keep track of specifics from every meeting. With Salsa CRM, you can even run queries to find notes that contain a specific word or phrase.


Track Donation History

See every historical transaction with a donor from pledges, to recurring donations, to event payments, to soft credits. You can tie every donation to specific funds, campaigns, and appeals.


Protect Privacy with Role and Rights Based Permissions

Nothing is more vital than the security of the data in your database. Salsa allows for role and rights based security meaning that all information is protected and available only to authorized users.


Over 3,000 nonprofits across the globe use Salsa to engage and change the world. Join them today!

Increase in Donor Retention
Increase in Donation Growth
Increase in Donor Growth
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