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For the planet you fight to protect and policies you work to influence, Salsa software is there to help.


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Salsa helps you maximize your limited staff, limited time, and limited resources through online engagement tools that scale your reach and automate supporter outreach.

  • Collect information online through sign up forms
  • Automate welcome series emails to new sign ups
  • Educate and share issues with monthly enewsletters
  • Track engagement and measure ROI with analytics
  • Segment lists by location, demographics, historical interactions, etc
  • Mobile-ready tools educate supporters anywhere
Engage the public and organize groups to raise their voice and take action. Salsa lets you keep citizens informed about events, issues, and actions they can take to realize change.

  • Build DIY event registration or volunteer forms
  • Encourage supporters to register multiple guests for events
  • Create and send emails in minutes and A/B test subject lines
  • Schedule and publish social media messages inside the tool
  • Properly recognize VIPs and members at your events
  • Track engagement over time with dashboard analytics



With Salsa, every supporter in your network will know who their legislator is, how to contact them, what message to send, and when to send it!

  • Create targeted messages for supporters to send
  • Launch petitions to corporations or politicians
  • Segment supporters lists to make the right ask
Whether you're inviting, sharing, asking, or thanking, Salsa gives you a 360-degree view of all your supporters so you can deliver the right message at the right time.

  • Drive EOYF with donation forms, email, and direct mail appeals
  • Automate gift acknowledgments and receipts
  • Track retention rates, and gift frequency
  • Report by campaign, fund, and appeal
  • Automate welcome series emails for sign ups
  • Send automated renewal reminders or upgrade offers to members


36% Increase

in Donors

33% Increase

in Donations

6% Increase

in Average Gift Size

If you're not enamored by your current technology tools, we want to show you how Salsa can help your organization increase engagement and make real change happen. Come on! We're ready for you...

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About 80% of my day is spent inside of Salsa and what's great about Salsa is that it's easy to use and easy to teach others how to use. We track all of our historical data for the last ten years in the system, and use it for online fundraising, online advocacy, and emailing our 1.7 million subscribers."

Cailey D.Environmental Working Group



10 Ways to Get Your Supporters to Take the Next Step

This free tool will help you strategize new ways to move supporters beyond sign up and deepening engagement.

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Environmental Working Group Doubles List Size in Two Years

See how EWG takes on some of the most important fights and empowers their supporters to take action.

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Tired of Gridlock in Congress, Go Local!

If federal policymakers aren't acting on your issues, focus on local communities to regain momentum. 

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