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10 Ways to Show Love to your Favorite Nonprofit Do-Gooder on Valentine’s Day

Nonprofit workers need love too! But you already know that! So, how can you show your love to that extra special nonprofit worker in your life or drop a few hints about the things that would make you swoon on Valentine’s Day? We’ve got some creative ideas just for you!

1. Rather than attempting to cook them a homemade dinner...




Take them out for a nice romantic evening.




2. Or you can take a different route and give them what will really tug at their heart strings… a heart-shaped pizza, of course.


Heart Shaped Pizza


3. If you’re really feeling emotional, you can sing them a heartfelt song.


Firework Song


4. Or, put on your own little dance show for them. They’ll appreciate it, trust me.


Napoleon Dynamite


5. People of course expect chocolate on Valentine’s Day, so get them the biggest piece you can find.


Biggest Chocolate Bar


6. And you can’t just give them a mediocre-sized teddy bear… 


Big teddy bear


7. And while staying on the over-sized trend, they’ll be expecting flowers, but not the biggest bouquet ever…


Big Bouquet


8. Rather than buying them a sappy Hallmark card, make a homemade card.


Valentines Day Card


9. Oh, and you know chocolate covered strawberries are always a good choice


Chocolate Covered Strawberries


10. Lastly, show them your love by donating to their favorite nonprofit/cause!


Wolf of Wall Street


Be generous this Valentine’s Day, and however you decide to show love to your loved ones, don’t forget about your favorite nonprofits! 

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