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2013- A Powerful Year for Salsa Clients

Happy New Year! Like many of you, we’re looking back at our 2013 numbers to see how things went and so far, it looks like our nonprofits had a great year.

First of all, Salsa nonprofits raised a record $49 million, up 17% from 2012. As you already know, we’re big believers in the power of end-of-year fundraising (and #GivingTuesday), so it comes as no surprise to us that year-end donations were some of the highest of the year. Nearly 30% of total donations for the year came in during December and 45% of total donations for the year came in during the 4th quarter (Oct-Dec).  

In a classic chicken-and-egg conundrum, email volume was highest in December as well, both in terms of the number of emails sent and the number of people reached (our data team calls them “targets”). Overall in 2013, 1,161 nonprofits sent 143,000 emails to 2.1 billion targets. That’s a lot of communicating!

But there’s more to us than just fundraising. Nonprofit clients used Salsa to ignite change through advocacy with petitions and targeted actions. In 2013, 943 nonprofit organizations created 16,655 actions that were completed by 36 million supporters. That’s 18% more actions than in 2012 by almost 43% more supporters!  

Want the full wrap on all this? Check out our press release.

Next up, our data expert, Dave Leichtman will get more in-depth about end-of-year fundraising, #GivingTuesday and whether or not it works, so stay tuned! 

Topics: Strategy