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50 Things About Salsa Part 1

By Jason Zanon, Salsa
(With a little help from Amanda Foster and Beth Johnson)

So you've cleared your Salsa set-up process and started getting comfortable with your supporter list and email blasts ... or maybe you're already a salty Salsa veteran who’s perfectly at home using chapters and distributed events features. Either way, you probably have a sneaking suspicion that there are a few cool features hidden in this vast online organizing platform that might be killer apps for your organization or campaign.

Guess what? You're probably right. Salsa is loaded with so many useful features that it can be easy to lose track of them. So we've cooked up this cornucopia of 50 things you may not know about Salsa -- some of the best but most underutilized tools that have evoked pleasant surprise from users.

It’s a big list so we’re going to spread it out into 10 installments and add lots of links to documentation in Salsa Commons, if you want to know more. The first one is all about account management.

Account Management

Account Management isn't the most glamorous area -- maybe you've never even visited it -- but the configurations you make there govern the way your entire account operates. Click on the "Account Management" link in the upper right of your Salsa headquarters, and get to tinkering...

1. Create alternate logins

Each user on your account should have a login that’s unique to them. It's an important security safeguard that's actually required in your Salsa contract.

Click on “Account” in the upper right hand section of Salsa, then choose “Campaign Managers” in the “Salsa Configuration” box. Next, click the blue “Add Campaign Manager” button, and click on “Details” to fill in more information.

Creating Campaign Manager in Salsa

2. Permission those logins

Salsa uses roles to define an access level to your account. If all your users have access to all of Salsa, you don’t need to worry about this part. But if you want to give certain people access to certain elements, this is the feature for you. If you want to give specific individuals access to say, email blasts, then you would build a role with that access and assign it to any number of users.

Click on the “Roles & Permissions” tab where you are adding new campaign managers. Choose the title and description of the new role (e.g., “Interns”) and hit “Save”. Then, you can choose which packages the role has access to, which groups it has access to, and so forth.

Once the role exists, go back to the campaign managers section and assign it to the appropriate people. In the “Roles” box on the right, all of the roles you created will be listed. Simply check the box to bestow those roles.

Setting Campaign Manager Permission in Salsa3. Create branded subdomain

Out of the box, your Salsa pages have urls that look like http://org2.salsalabs.com or http://salsa3.salsalabs.com.

But you can set up a branded subdomain for Salsa pages that reflect your organization's actual url -- something like http://action.yeson123.org orhttp://my.yeson123.com.

The setting in Salsa is "Base URL" under the “Account-Wide Settings” tab. But the tricky bit is outside of Salsa: you'll also need to create a CNAME record with your domain registrar pointing your subdomain at Salsa's servers: consult the branded subdomain documentation, and contact your registrar for assistance if needed.

Setting your base URL in Salsa

4. Submit a ticket online

We’re here to help you and if you have an issue, question or a new challenge for us, you can submit a ticket online. Doing it in the online portal actually helps all of us because it will automatically report some information about your local environment (such as browser and operating system) that'll help us troubleshoot your issue.

Click on “Support” in the upper right hand corner of the screen. In the new tab, choose “Submit New Request.” Add as many details as you can, including the action key (or other relevant key) and screen shots.

Boom! Ticket created.

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