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50 Things About Salsa Part 10

By Jason Zanon, Salsa
(With a little help from Amanda Foster and Beth Johnson)

Ta da! We’re here! Our final four…


…things about Salsa that you don’t know, but should. I encourage you to come back to this series and reference it when you’re trying to figure out new ways to utilize Salsa or looking for a few great ideas. Thanks for sticking with us for all 50 items!

Other Features

46. Customization Services

If you are redesigning your website and need new templates or you want to customize something using Javascript, contact your account manager. We can generally help you at Salsa for a small fee. And if we can’t, we can find a partner who can help!

47. Chapters

Salsa has a robust Chapters feature.

Chapter organizations collect all supporters' data in a single primary database, accessible by the main organization. However, each chapter also interacts day by day with those elements in the database -- supporters, donations, signup and donation pages -- that relate to their own specific chapter.

It allows, for instance, the Indiana administrator to just send Indiana-specific e-mails to their own Indiana chapter, while still enabling national folks to have control and send e-mails to supporters in any or all chapters.

Contact your account manager if you are interested in this package.

48. Internationalization package

Salsa also has an internationalization package.

This feature provides translation layers on form fields in case you need to request things like First Name, Last Name, and Email in another language. Internationalization also extends the basic North American location menus so that most signup pages will request a country, followed by a country-appropriate menu of states, regions, or provinces.

Contact an account manager if you are interested in adding Internationalization to your account.

49. Attentive.ly

Attentive.ly is a new partner product within Salsa (and fully supported) that allows you to integrate social media monitoring and interaction to your existing Salsa supporter universe.

50. Strategic consulting

So, you have everything you need but don’t quite know the best way to put it all together? Or maybe, you want another set of eyes on your donation page to make sure it is going to get the greatest number of donations?

If you are looking for strategic magic, we have a great partner list and can give you a recommendation. Just contact your Account Manager to make this happen.

51. QuickDonate

Okay, we said 50 things but here’s one more. If you’re not using QuickDonate donate yet, you should be. This relatively new feature enables donors to give to your organization with just a single click out of their email inbox -- no need to even fill out the donation page. Just e-mail into support to get going with this today!

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