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50 Things About Salsa Part 2

By Jason Zanon, Salsa
(With a little help from Amanda Foster and Beth Johnson)

In case you haven’t seen heard, we’re running through the list of the top 50 things about Salsa you don’t know, but should. We started last week with our first set, and continue today with tips on our dashboard.


The Dashboard Collections tab is mostly a landing space to help you customize the control panel you see when you log into Salsa.

5. Customize Dashboard

Reports can be added and rearranged on your dashboard tab, including both built-in system reports and organization-specific custom reports. Click the "Add Content" link in the upper right within the dashboard canvas and then navigate among categories of reports to pick the ones you want to add. Items on the dashboard can be moved about by clicking and dragging, or removed from the dashboard by clicking the corner "X". Your dashboard will "remember" these customizations the next time you log in, but they won't affect anyone else using your Salsa account.

6. Access your tags; rename them

Tags help organize data everywhere in Salsa and they are so easy to create. To find and manage your multiplying tags -- including renaming or deleting them -- click to the “Dashboard” tab, then look for the menu item "Tags" within that tab's navigation.

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