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50 Things About Salsa Part 5

By Jason Zanon, Salsa
(With a little help from Amanda Foster and Beth Johnson)

We’ve come a long way but there’s still a few more tips and tricks to cover. For the second half of our list, we'll start with Advocacy. 


25. Build thank-and-spank actions

Salsa calls them Multi-Content Targeted Actions (MCTA), which basically means that your action will suggest different content depending on which legislator your supporter is targeting -- "thanks" for the ones who voted right, "spanks" for the ones who voted wrong. This type of action works exactly the same as a regular old targeted action, but you'll create (at least) two different letter sets in the action's “Content” tab, then pick and choose the legislators within a chamber to receive each letter set in the action's “Targets” tab.

Setting up a Blind Action within Salsa

26. Blind targeted actions for one-step completion

Another twist on the classic "write your rep" action, Blind Targeted Actions give your supporters a single-click page completion process. They're "blind" because the cost of streamlining is that we cut out the step where your supporter looks up their representative by zip code. Instead, we process the address match all at once.

Targeted Actions in Salsa

27. Local data is available!

If you do a lot of local campaigns where a mayor or city council makes the difference, ask your account manager about the local data package. This package puts municipal- and county-level officers at your fingertips for action targeting in cities of 10,000 people or more.

28. It's possible to remove petition signatures

Salsa petitions can, at your option, generate a publicly visible roster of petition signers. If you do this, you should also know you can remove signatures, upon request from supporters. You’ll find the link for this in your petition set up, under the "Signatures" tab.

Petition options for signatures in Salsa

29. It's possible to get per-target exports of action messages sent

The online actions that your supporters take are available for a ready-made export to a delimited file or to formatted PDF letters. Since some lawmakers give short shrift to email messages, bringing these along to an in-person meeting can provide a palpable illustration of the many constituents who care about your issue.

Just go to Online Actions and Petitions >>> List Actions >>> Report

Your per-legislator export links appear under the "Target Details" header.

30. Filter Targets by Party or Committee

Any targeted legislative chamber -- House or Senate, federal or state -- can now be filtered to easily hone in on members of a specific party or committee. (The supporters who write these members must still be actual constituents.) Once you've picked the targeted chamber in the Action setup, select "filter" on the right side of the page. A screen pops up: here, you can decide how to filter the legislative body.

  • · State and zip filters enable you to find the legislator(s) associated with a specific location
  • · The party affiliation filter lets you grab all the chambers Democrats or Republicans (as well as various third parties) at once
  • · A committee filter lists the chamber's committee, subcommittee, and caucus memberships

31. Rotating Suggesting Action Messages

You want to make sure the recipients of your supporters' advocacy messages give them the attention they deserve. One way to help insure they do so is to provide more than one suggested message for supporters to send. You can use Salsa to suggest four or five (or as many as you want) different message texts around a single action. The  button tucked into Actions "Action Content" tab lets you do just that. For any individual supporter who visits the action page, Salsa will suggest only one of the different texts you've composed. That way, even when your supporters just send your suggested text without customizing it themselves, the action target will still see a variety of different messages in her or his inbox. Rotating content this way can help keep your messages fresh for the ultimate recipient of those messages ... whether a member of Congress or the local dogcatcher.

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