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50 Things About Salsa Part 9

By Jason Zanon, Salsa
(With a little help from Amanda Foster and Beth Johnson)

We’ve come a long way but there’s still a few more tips and tricks to cover. Events are on the list for today.


44. Distributed events

Some folks are unaware of our distributed events package.

Distributed events allow your individual supporters to create and host their own events, and people in their area to find and meet up with them by local address searches.

It's a great tool for using grassroots house parties to support organizing or fundraising.

45. Calendars and lists of all your organization's events

Just like all Salsa pages, events have their own user-facing link -- "View Page" in the Publisher box. We're assuming you know all about that one.

Unlike other types of Salsa pages, however, events also have available several links you can give supporters to help them sift through all of your events. Whether any of these pages make sense for your particular organization is up to you, but it's worth knowing that they're available. They include:

  • · A local, zip-code-based search (with optional Google map)
  • · A date-based, calendar interface

Check out how to access them here.

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