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7 Nonprofit Fundraising Resolutions

Looking for ways to improve your nonprofit fundraising in the new year?

Here are 7 resolutions for you to consider:

1. Clean your email list

A clean list is a must if you want to get your emails delivered to supporters’ inboxes. Email providers such as Gmail, Outlook, and Yahoo! Mail strive to determine what their clients actually want to receive in their inbox.

clean your list

2. Plan out your fundraising strategy for the year by creating an editorial calendar.

An editorial calendar is basically an organized to-do list. It’s a collaboration of ideas for your content, all in one place. An editorial calendar is an accountability tool, a forum for brainstorming, and a source for motivation. It keeps track of content publication across all of your different media channels. It is The Must-Have tool for any successful content management strategy.

3. Make your fundraisers specific and timely.

You will be more likely to raise money for your organization if you are raising money for something specific. For example, you are more likely to reach your goal if your call to action is “Help us raise $6,000 to build a new home for a family in Haiti!” as compared to “Help us raise money for families in Haiti!” And you would have even more luck if you said “Help us raise $6,000 by February 14 to help us build a new home for a family in Haiti!” Specific, goal-oriented, and timely.

4. Thank your donors

After a supporter has made a donation, thank you emails are an easy way to express your gratitude, show your supporters that their donation matters, and make them want to donate again.

thank your donors

5. Boost engagement on social media.

Did you know that leveraging social media increases fundraising totals by up to 40%? It’s no secret that social media is all the rage. Be sure to reach out to your followers, and have them reach out to their followers! You can reach a whole different audience through your supporters’ social networks.

6. Learn some more about fundraising and get some new ideas by reading some good fundraising books.

This is a great way to become more knowledgeable about fundraising and the nonprofit space. Use all the resources you can and gain different perspectives and inspiration. Maybe you’ll come up with a super creative idea for your next fundraiser this way! 

Learn more about fundraising

7. Request a Demo of Salsa!

Whether you’re just getting started with your nonprofit work or well on your way, Salsa provides you with the tools and the real-time results you need to raise more funds, grow your list and engage your supporters.

Try out these resolutions in the new year and watch your fundraising soar!

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