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A Lesson in Online Engagement from The West Wing

Last week, nonprofit online strategist Lisa Kaneff joined us for an exciting webinar designed to help you get your supporters to take that all-important next step.

“Next step to what?” you may ask. Well, that’s the beauty of it – the next step depends entirely on your organization’s ladder of engagement. Whether you’re looking to increase donations, get more action takers, increase the chatter around your social media posts, or get more feet on the ground for in-person events, the purpose of this webinar is to help you connect the dots and reach your goals.  

But the goal is to always, always, ALWAYS be asking "What’s next?"

Think of yourself as President Bartlett from ‘The West Wing’. Whenever he transitioned from one trial or triumph to the next – no matter how monumentally important – he would simply look to his team and ask, “What’s next?”

In other words, there was always more work to be done. That’s how we want our supporters to think of their role when fighting to support our causes. One action or one donation is nice (okay, very nice), but it’s only the beginning.

Check out this clip from the ‘What’s Next?’ webinar to learn more about what your supporters want when they visit your website:

Watch the complete ‘What’s Next?’ webinar here.


Topics: Fundraising