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Are you feeling the love on Facebook

by Jessica Seward, Marketing & Community Manager

Facebook. You love it. Or maybe you hate it. Either way, as a nonprofit, you pretty much have to be on it… right? It’s free. It’s far-reaching. And it gets your stuff shared.

But there’s actually more to it than just getting your pages and content “liked” and shared. It’s about building your base of engaged fans – emphasis on “engaged”. But how do you get there? You know your supporters are on Facebook, but you also know you’re competing against countless other causes, brands, addictive games and silly quizzes that are all competing for attention in your fans’ newsfeeds.

Recently, Salsa’s own VP of Community & Marketing, Christine Schaefer was joined by Drew Bernard – founder/CEO of ActionSprout in a video webinar to discuss exactly how to solve this problem of getting beyond the initial “like” and shifting to more deeper engagement.

One of my favorite takeaways from this event is about how to “earn” reach, or greater attention on Facebook. Drew talks about how people on Facebook are really there to share themselves and essentially the story of who they are. By asking yourself how clicking “like” on your posts will help your fans show their friends how smart, caring, informed, etc. they truly are, you can add value to both your Facebook presence and their Facebook experience, thereby “earing” their engagement. Pretty interesting stuff, huh? Check out the Facebook for Nonprofits: You Want Love, Not Just “Like” webinar for yourself and feel free to jump to this part of the presentation at 00:12:32.

Special thanks to The NonProfit Times for helping to host this event! If you’re looking for more help with social media, don’t miss our upcoming webinar: Getting Started on Twitter for Nonprofits.

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