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Boost your Online Advocacy Campaigns with these Top Salsa Features

Boost your online advocacy campaigns with top Salsa featuresIf you’re looking to create a super compelling and successful advocacy campaign just like this one (which led to a 232% list increase in just 12 months) or this one (which changed the direction of federal policy with the help of 1,100 engaged supporters), then look no further than Salsa.

With countless features for connecting individual supporters to their interests through email blasts, event registrations, advocacy actions, donations, and more, Salsa can give your organization and your supporters a powerful online voice.

Here are just seven features in Salsa that will boost the success of your advocacy campaigns:

1. Let Supporters Send Different Letters to Multiple Targets

Whether you're old or new to Salsa's advocacy package, it's not a bad idea to know what your supporters will be seeing when they take action on your advocacy pages. But did you know that Salsa lets you customize your supporters’ experience and suggest different content depending on which legislator they are targeting?

This type of action works exactly the same as a targeted action, but with the difference that supporters will have the option of selecting two or more different letters to send to multiple sets of targets (instead of one letter to one set of targets). This type of action is sometimes referred to as a “Thank or Spank” campaign, although here at Salsa we call them “Multi-Content Targeted Actions” (MCTAs).

For example, in the action setup, you can create two different letter sets - one that thanks the recipients for their stance on an issue, the other that criticizes the recipients for their opposing stance. From here, you can determine which sets of targets will receive which letter (e.g. Republicans/Democrats, House/Senate, or sponsors/non-sponsors of a bill).

Learn how to setup your MCTAs and take a look at these examples of two different letter sets to different recipients:

Multiple target options in Salsa

2. Let Supporters Take Actions Faster with One-Click, Automated Targeting

Make it easier and faster for your supporters to complete an action with Salsa’s blind targeted actions feature.Instead of requiring them to enter their zip code to find their targets, the supporter will review the letter content and enter their information without knowing which targets will receive their letter. On the backend, Salsa works its magic and matches data from the supporters’ identifying information to route the letter to the proper target. Then the supporter is directed to a follow-up screen that tells them who has received their letter. Learn how to set-up your blind targeted actions.

3. Target your Local and Municipal Officers with Local Data

If your organization is struggling to get its voice heard in Congress why not go local? State and local governments are responsible for many issues that affect our daily lives. And the ratio of constituents to representatives is much smaller, making it easier for voices to be heard.

If a mayor or city council can make a difference to your cause, ask your account manager or use our online chat to learn more about Salsa’s local advocacy data package.

4. Hide your Supporter’s Petition Signatures

If you want to protect your supporter’s privacy and anonymity, you have the option of disabling Salsa’s publicly visible roster of petition signatures. In addition, you can also remove a supporter’s signature as needed.

Petition options for signatures in Salsa

5. Export a List of Action Takers and Put it in Front of Lawmakers

Want to export the online actions that your supporters take so that you can bring the list along to an in-person meeting with a lawmaker? Salsa lets you easily export to a delimited file or formatted PDF letters. It’s a great way to provide a palpable illustration of the many constituents who care about your issue.

Just go to Online Actions and Petitions >>> List Actions >>> Report

Your per-legislator export links appear under the "Target Details" header.

6. Hone in On Party or Committee Members

Align your supporter actions with specific, targeted parties or committees (House or Senate, federal or state - as long as the supporter is an actual constituent). Just pick the targeted chamber in the Action setup, select “filter” on the right side of the page. You’ll see a pop-up screen which lets you filter the legislative body by state and zip code or by party affiliation and committee/subcommittee or caucus memberships.

7. Keep Petition Messages Fresh with Rotating Content

Salsa has a useful option that lets you automatically rotate four or five (or as many as you want) suggested messages for supporters to send. This is a great way to keep your messages fresh and make sure the recipients of your supporter’s advocacy emails get the attention they deserve.To shake up your messaging tree simply use the button tucked into the Actions “Action Content” tab.

The content is rotated automatically, so no action is needed on the part of your supporter. When a supporter visits your action page, Salsa will suggest only one of the different messages that you’ve composed. However, Salsa works diligently in the background to send a variety of different messages to the target’s inbox.

Wait, there’s more…

Okay, there you go, seven tips to help you get more out of your online advocacy with Salsa. If you’re looking to learn more, head on over to Salsa Commons where you’ll find more how-to’s and FAQs. You can also check out these blogs for more best practices:

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