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Designing Content: Make it work like Legos

Content is no longer written, it is designed. The structure of your content is important from the very beginning of a build - from defining the editorial experience, to content presentation. Do you get frustrated entering content, or have trouble updating your site due the setup of your CMS?

Want to learn the fundamentals and best practices for creating structured content?

Alexis Findiesen

Join Alexis Findiesen, Design Director of 4Site Interactive Studios, for “Designing Content: Make it work like Legos” at FUSE 2014 - the digital marketing conference. This session will teach you how to effectively design content and supporting systems that will make it easy to manage your website or app, and give you more flexibility in the way you present content to end users.

More specifically, in this session you will learn how to:

  • Build sites that will make maintenance easy for devs and content editors alike.
  • Learn the fundamentals of content types - dos, don'ts, and musts
  • Set up taxonomies that make sense to content editors as well as site visitors
  • Create flexible layouts with editable content
  • Use your CRM data as content
  • Additional ways to use structured content

Register today for FUSE on August 6-7 so you don’t miss this exciting session.

Alexis’ session is just one of the great educational breakouts you can expect this year. View them all here.

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