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Get Your Shiny New Salsa Email Templates!

When it comes to email communications, the first impression makes a difference. Whether it’s a catchy subject line, an entertaining image or enjoyable reading material, when your supporters like what they see in one email, they’ll be more likely to open and click the next. 

With this in mind, Salsa unveils our new email template generator! [Cue the fanfare] The new layouts just might give your organization’s emails that special visual boost it needs to impress your supporters and keep them coming back for more.

See the possibilities for yourself. Check out our new email template generator.

These templates were extensively tested through Email on Acid to ensure quality message display with established email and mobile clients.

The new templates are easy to use, too! Simply:

  1. Select your preferred layout.
  2. Plug in your header image, preferred colors and fonts, footer and social media information.
  3. Whizz! Pow! Bang! (Okay, it might not be this noisy.) The generator spits out the  source code for your fancy new email template that’s ready to share with the world.

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