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GunFreeKids Success PowerThru Salsa

If you’ve figured out anything about Salsa, it’s probably that we love our clients and truly believe in helping them achieve their mission. So it’s always awesome when we can showcase a success story of how a client used Salsa, and in this case one of our partners, PowerThru Consulting, for a list-growth win.


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GunFreeKids.org is an online advocacy organization that works to improve state and federal legislation to ensure sound gun violence prevention policies. One of their largest campaigns was held in 2011, just weeks before the anniversary of the shootings at Virginia Tech, where they successfully stopped the passage of laws in Texas and Georgia that would have forced colleges and universities to allow guns on campus.

In 2013, they tripled the size of their email list through strategic online actions and partnership and continued to spread their message through a new Salsa-integrated website for their Campaign to Keep Guns Off Campus.

 Learn more about what GunFreeKids is doing by reading the full case study, Partnering for Success: Building the GunFreeKids Email List, on PowerThru’s website. 

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