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Improve Your Year-End Fundraising Campaign with One Click

How awesome would it be if donors could give directly from your email blast and just skip over that whole lengthy process of clicking through and filling out a donation form? You know the routine – first name, last name, email, credit card number, yada yada yada…One-click donations

Well, brace yourself. This Thursday at 2pm EST, learn how to set up one-click donations for your organization using Salsa’s QuickFill feature

One-click giving means more donations. It’s. just. that. simple. With such huge potential for major returns – especially during the year-end giving season, it’s hard to believe that more nonprofits in our Salsa community are not taking advantage of this incredible feature.

We don’t need to tell you how hard it’s going to be to fight for audience’s attention during the holiday giving season (try as we may to remind everyone about the true spirit of the season and the importance of ‘giving back’). And the trend to make online transactions a much more streamlined process is certainly not going away anytime soon. Yes, this applies to nonprofits too! For a deeper look at the future of online giving, check out this clip from Heather Mansfield’s presentation during our FUSE conference where she spoke about the phenomenon of one-click giving

So why not make things a little easier? For yourself, your organization and your supporters alike. 

Go ahead, click the easy button

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