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Increase Donations With Social Data And High Impact Friendraising

By Jeanette Russell, Attentive.ly

Nonprofits are sitting on a wealth of social data about their supporters and donors. Right now, you have friendraisers, influencers, advocates and donors hiding out in your Salsa account who are talking about your work on their social networks.

Despite unprecedented connectivity and “big data”, most nonprofits aren’t sure how they can unlock the value of their social data goldmine. The good news is you already have all the data you need to execute this strategy.  When nonprofits combine social insights with supporter history, they are able to see exactly how their supporters, donors, and activists are talking about their issues on social. Here’s a practical example of how to use this exciting new information to identify your best supporters as friendraisers.

What is "Friendraising"?

“Friendraising” describes social events or more personalized communications focused on building long-term supporter relationships - more than just raising money. Active supporters, volunteers or donors - through a series of fun, high-level events (think walk-a-thons, rallies, etc.) and meaningful connections, inspire and educate their friends to ideally become future supporters and “friends”.

Who: Identifying Friendraisers using Salsa + Social Data

It’s pretty straight forward in Salsa. Just run a query of current donors, volunteers, activists, location and those with high scores (you are using scoring in Salsa right?). There’s no harm in casting a wide net since high level asks have lower returns. As such, a 20% participation rate would be fabulous. And even if 80% don’t attend, everyone loves being invited to a party and it plants the seed for future engagement.

Salsa’s integration with Attentive.ly allows you to push “groups” into Attentive.ly, then push back with new social intelligence. This “social match” tells you things like which donors are influencers and what they are talking about in relation to your organization. 

The two main areas where social data can help specifically with friendraising is to help you 1) identify influencers and 2) target based on social mentions. Let’s take a closer look at both since they are key concepts in making “big data” actionable. 

How: Find Friendraisers by Social Mentions

Imagine being able to enter a search term that relates to the work of your organization. If you’re a trade organization, and a member says “TPP”, you’re able to segment and target based on this social mention. In this way, you can nail the right message/time/person by sending content within hours of your supporter talking about one of your program areas.

Here, you can identify friendraisers by social mentions + current donors, volunteers, activists. Imagine if these folks were also your top activists, donor or volunteers!

Why: Find Friendraisers by Influence

When it comes to spreading the word, there is no one who can promote your message as effectively as your own supporters.  Influencers work because they are using the most effective type of marketing - word of mouth. If you could leverage the most valuable marketing strategy, one that people trust above all others, would you try it or hope your event organically takes off?

Attentive.ly’s research has found that the top 5% of your database, on average, has a reach that is 68x larger than your entire email lists. Whenever there’s an important event, these are the people who can help share your content and massively extend your network reach.

Here’s what a sample query of influencers in Attentive.ly looks like:

  • Number of connections (500+)
  • Klout score (40+)

Whether someone is “influential” is completely relative. If they only have a Klout score of 35, but frequently talk about your issues on social media, and sign a ton of petitions, then this is someone you want promoting your group. They’d make a great friendraiser.

History will only get you so far. What you need is to target active members who are also talking about your campaign keywords; then engage them with your friendraising ask. Acknowledge that you need them to help promote your cause: make sure they know they’re important, and you appreciate their assistance. Try combining outreach emails and tweets to reinforce your message. Afterwards, make sure to ask them how the friendraising went with a thank you email, then report back to everyone you invited.

Salsa’s integration with Attentive.ly drives engagement with your campaigns by turning your existing supporters into advocates. Follow @Attentive.ly on Twitter.


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