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January Training & Learning Update

by Jake Patoski, Manager of Training & Online Learning, Salsa

Happy New Year! We’ve got lots of new plans for learning Salsa in 2014: a re-organized (and easier to use) learning portal, clearer New User guides and more “quick bite” interactive guides. Check out the full January training and learning update here.

And be sure to sign up for this month’s training webinars:

Imports 101 - 01/16 3pm ET
Your organization probably has a lot of new offline donors after end-of-year fundraising. Make sure you know how to get those donors added into Salsa from your other spreadsheets in this webinar. We’ll cover:

  • Spreadsheet formatting/templating
  • Salsa settings for imports
  • Some advanced import options - groups, tags, donations

Reporting Back on End of Year - 01/22 3pm ET
Want to see how things went for your organization during 2013’s end-of-year fundraising? Jump on this webinar to learn how to create a few custom reports on end-of-year donations. You’ll learn how to:

  • Find out how many new versus returning donors there were in Q4 2013
  • Find out how much was donated per day (to correlate to your organization’s activities)
  • How to compare 2014 figures to 2013

Advocacy Tools Overview - 01/30 3pm ET
Ready to make change happen? Get completely up to speed with the various advocacy tools that Salsa offers, as well as configuration options and best practices for those tools. This webinar will cover:

  • Differences in the main action types: petitions and targeted actions
  • Target types
  • Targeting tools such as filters and targeting sets
  • Reporting on actions

Got any ideas on how we can do better to make sure learning Salsa is a snap for you or your colleagues? (Well if so, then why didn’t you email us sooner?!) Training@salsalabs.com is where your feedback is revered like golden silk.

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