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Learn How to Get More Than Just a Like from Supporters in Upcoming Webinar

by Jessica Seward, Marketing & Community Manager

There’s no doubt social media can do amazing things. But as a nonprofit, you need more than a “like” or a comment on your Facebook page to get things done. But how do you get followers to really get engaged and take action?

Join us on March 26th for the webinar, “Get Past the “Like” Already; Motivating “Slacktivists” to Take Action or Donate.” Christine Schaefer, VP Community & Marketing at Salsa and Jason Gooljar, Director of Information Technology at Earth Day Network will discuss how to turn your “slacktivists” into full-fledged activists.

They’ll talk about embracing new strategies and technologies to truly understand the audience you are going after. They’ll also talk about different generations (Millennials vs. Generation X vs. Baby Boomers) and how they require different communication.

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For more information, check out a whitepaper about this webinar.

Topics: Advocacy Fundraising