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Mobile and Social Media

If you’ve got social media and mobile questions, we’ve got answers. Don’t miss these two sessions at FUSE 2014 - the digital marketing conference, August 6-7.

The rise of mobile and social media has profoundly changed the way nonprofits communicate with their donors and supporters, and although most nonprofits are currently experimenting with mobile and social media, few have a written strategy in place that ensures long-term success. Join Heather Mansfield, principle blogger at Nonprofit Tech for Good, on August 6th for her first session “How to Launch and Maintain a Mobile and Social Media Strategy for Your Nonprofit.” This session will demonstrate how nonprofits can implement a successful mobile and social media strategy in ten steps. Topics include how much time mobile and social media require, how to track success, and how much financial resources are required to be successful. In addition, attendees of this session will:

  • Learn how to write a mobile and social media strategy.
  • Gain knowledge of current best practices for website, blog, and e-newsletter design.
  • Discuss new best practices for online fundraising on mobile and social media.
  • Learn the importance of creating a content strategy.
  • Be presented with a system to track and report their mobile and social media success.

On August 7th, Heather will be presenting her second session, “The Math and Science of Mobile and Social Media: 20 Tips and Tricks for Nonprofits.” Now a decade into the Social Web, mathematicians and social scientists have had ample time to study how, when, and why online individuals engage with brands on social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram. Many nonprofits are unaware of the scientific data about online social behavior, but once learned, nonprofits can significantly improve their use of social networks to communicate their mission and programs and fundraise online. Based on the math and science of social media, this presentation will feature 20 tips and tricks to maximize engagement on social networks. Topics include how to:

  • Post on Facebook to maximize likes, comments, and shares.
  • Format the perfect retweetable tweet.
  • Create visual content to optimize your presence on social networks.
  • Create video content that followers want to watch.
  • Format blog content to more effectively communicate your nonprofit’s success stories.

Heather Mansfield is the principal blogger at Nonprofit Tech for Good and author of the best-selling books Mobile for Good and Social Media for Social Good. She also created and maintains the “Nonprofit Organizations” profiles on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, and YouTube which cumulatively have more than one million followers. Heather has twenty years of experience utilizing the Internet for fundraising, community building, and advocacy. To date, she’s presented more than 100 social media and mobile media trainings throughout the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, India, and Southeast Asia as well as over 500 webinars to audiences worldwide.

Heather’s sessions are just two of the great educational breakouts you can expect this year. View them all here.

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